Turning community potential into community reality.

By combining private sector experience with public sector know-how, we work with communities to deliver facilities, infrastructure, and mixed-use public spaces on time and on budget.

Where public meets private.

The Pizzuti Solutions division offers a staff of professionals with extensive experience successfully planning and managing public-sector development projects and issues.

Pizzuti Solutions associates offer decades of collective experience completing the development of significant public projects in roles such as owner’s representation, project management and construction management. Solutions associates also have vast experience working in the public sector, having served in city management, economic development, planning and zoning, and communications positions.

Pizzuti Solutions’ experience serving as project manager/owner’s representative for key public or publicly funded projects provides relevant and timely knowledge of the challenges, construction pricing and operational impacts that public-sector projects often face. We believe this knowledge can help provide savings and cost avoidance to public entities for all projects, large or small.

Our private development experience, balanced with our public-sector knowledge, allows us to fully understand the economic feasibility associated with the planning process and helps to ensure a practical implementation plan for each of our projects.